One of the best videos of all time that never hit a million views mark yet is still making the rounds is “Wanker World.” This is the video wherein a guy gets all self-confidence by asking other guys on the streets what they do to get all that money. It is a classic and timeless video and probably has millions of views. However, it was only a few months ago that it went viral. Now it has been featured in everything from TV shows to Funny Videos and Best Sellers.

A trend lately that is making the rounds on YouTube, is videos with funny captions or songs. For example, one popular video shows a little kid buying a birthday card on a busy shopping mall escalator. He starts complaining, saying how difficult it is to buy cards when he is so short. A girl sitting nearby then starts laughing and asks him if he wants a hug. To the kid’s amazement, she then starts giving him a huge kiss and starts telling him how difficult it is to buy birthday cards and how he can only buy things from her store.

The Best YouTube videos are those with creative and original captions and content. One such video has a couple walking through the woods while singing a song about a newlywed couple walking through the woods. It ends with the man asking his bride-to-be for the name of the woods, to which the woman replies, “Cookie Monster.” A lot of people are recommending this particular video and are praising its witty and humorous content. In fact, a lot of cookie monster videos are going viral right now.

Another example is an Obama impression video from the presidential campaign. This shows the candidate doing impressions of both George Bush and John F. Kennedy. It ends with Obama poking fun at the two former presidents. Although these videos have gone viral in a good way, a lot of people still have doubts as to whether or not Obama is actually portraying the president in the right light.

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