With more than 1 billion users per month, it’s no surprise that people love uploading and watching videos on this site. But there’s one thing that a lot of viewers like, and which is not about video: the YouTube comments section. They love them because it is the only place on YouTube where people discuss. And, because sometimes they are funny, other times crazy, sometimes they make us think…and sometimes they get very heated! But, if you are a creator, you clearly want more and more comments, to create the best comment section. Here a few tips to do so!

1) Encourage Viewers To Leave Feedback Or Opinion

One thing that’s always going to work is encouraging viewers to leave feedback or opinion on your videos. A great way to accomplish this is by giving them a way to choose their favorite video and/or something about the next one. Your viewers will have an incentive to scroll down and leave a comment, which will make the site feel more like a community and less like a gossiping forum. This strategy also helps keep spam out of the comment sections. And chances are good that your audience is more likely to leave comments if they’re able to vote for your next videos or features!

Talk About Helpful Videos

If you want to see more engagement from the YouTube community, make sure your videos offer something that’s helpful. This can be anything from how-to guides or educational content to cooking tutorials and product reviews. Make sure to connect with your viewers by answering their questions and comments in a timely manner. Keep them posted about what’s happening in your life, too! It will help build a personal connection between you and your followers, and they will more likely comment each of your new videos to show you support!

Or… Controversial

Well, we all know, being controversial generates a response. So it can also be a strategy, to get a lot of opinions. But, not all of them might be positive in that case, so keep that in mind.

Stay Away From Trolls And Negative Comments

Trolls are people who deliberately provoke and annoy others with their negative comments. They often post inflammatory or provocative comments on YouTube videos with the intention of making other users angry. So, if you want to keep these types of trolls away from your videos, don’t share content that provokes strong reactions…unless you don’t care and want just lots of comments!

Negative comments can still be a problem for you when they’re posted on YouTube in the comment section, as they can be annoying and even demotivating. One way to avoid this issue is…stay away from certain people and be ready to use the block user option!

But remember: You shouldn’t shy away from answering your fans’ questions, as long as they’re not asking stupid or too personal questions!

Learning about comment sections

By the way, I recently found this channel which has a very interesting format. He makes videos about comment section of popular videos. If you want to understand more about comment sections, check it out!